Women and weightlifting.

Plenty of women who attend gym will avoid weight room like its plague. As a fitness professional I feel the need to educate people, especially females, that weightlifting will NOT make you look like a guy. Want to “tone up”? – lift weights. Want to lose body fat? – lift weights. I want to help people to understand that doing hours and hours of cardio will not make you fit.

Most people, not only females, think that by lifting weights, you’ll end up looking like this FullSizeRender which I can assure, you will NOT unless you lift weights for many years AND use steroids. We, as females, don’t have that much testosterone in our bodies to really end up “looking like a man”.

In fact, if you incorporate weightlifting in your daily gym regimen, you’ll end up looking more like this IMG_6713 and I don’t think I look like a guy, right? That’s what “toned” body will looks like.

While prepping for my first show last year, I squatted on anywhere between 95 to 225 lbs and shoulder pressed between 25 to 40 lbs. Did it ended up making me to look like a guy? Absolutely not. But it helped me to burn fat more efficiently, created visible muscle tone and increased my self-esteem as well. And what can be better than a woman who’s confident and happy with herself? Exactly! Way too many females nowadays tend to compare themselves with other females. Always criticize their bellies, their thighs, their arms.

Absolutely no person is perfect, even fitness models. We all have flaws. Work hard. Every single day and don’t be afraid to lift weights.


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