Trainer Heidi


Heidi was born in a little town called Tukums, in a small Eastern European country called Latvia. She grew up as a chubby kid. Always made fun of. Picked on; bullied; overweight. In 2009, she was diagnosed with a melanoma (skin cancer) stage I and had a tissue removal surgery in June of 2009. While going through the cancer battle, she decided that she wants to change her life completely and find herself. In another country, away from her usual environment.


In July 2009, Heidi came to the United States with a mission – to find her calling. She was working as a nanny for an Ohio family. Still unhappy, at almost 200 lbs, couple of days after her 22nd birthday, she has an “aha” moment. Seeing her pictures from her birthday opened her eyes. She realized that “enough is enough” and she doesn’t want to be the “fat girl” anymore. She took her health in her own hands and ditched her unhealthy eating habits and joined a recreational center.



While on her weightloss journey, many people started to tell Heidi, how she inspires them to become healthier. She started to give it a thought “if I inspire people without putting an effort, what if I would really start to advertise FOR healthy lifestyle?!” And so, in 2010, Heidi started to attend a college to become a certified personal trainer. She has multiple certifications – senior fitness, prenatal fitness, general personal training and nutrition.


In September 2013, Heidi became a mother to a wonderful and healthy baby boy named Skyler. During pregnancy, she battled emotions when seeing her body change after all the hard work of becoming a fitness professional. She exercised during pregnancy and has gotten back to her pre-pregnancy weight in only 3 short months postpartum.



In July 12th, Heidi finally achieved her goal and stepped on the stage. She competed in the figure division at the NPC Summer Classic bodybuilding competition in White Plains, NY. She placed 1st in Open Class C and 3rd in Novice Class B. She’s extremely happy and proud of her achievement and hopes she can inspire people, especially moms around the world that it is possible to be in better shape post-pregnancy.

IMG_6385   IMG_6402


Since her show, Heidi has been bulking to have much more muscle mass on her. Unfortunately, in September of 2015, Heidi injured herself while working, because of that she has been unable to continue exercise until her physician clears her to get back into the routine. Until then, she is focusing on helping her clients, online and in-person, to achieve all of their health and fitness goals.

Heidi hopes that she will soon be able to get back on the horse. She is hoping to step on the stage in March of 2016.


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